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In 1990, Carol Reid, a Professor in the Early Childhood Education Program, established a Resource Centre where ECE students could access resources, ideas, and support to create experiences for the children in their field placement settings. After her retirement in 2014, Carol’s colleagues and friends have kept her legacy alive, and today the Carol Reid ECE Resource Centre provides ECE students with a wealth of materials – books, toys, puppets, natural materials, and loose parts – as well as creative suggestions for their use.

toys on display

stick and stone book

rocks that spell out carol reid

The Carol Reid ECE Resource Centre is also a hub for ECE students to meet, exchange ideas, and problem-solve. The staff, including student volunteers, provide suggestions and direct students to materials that are appropriate to nurture and stimulate development of the children they are interacting with.  Students can choose from activities and materials for children ranging in age from infants to school-age.

Pina Leo, who currently runs the Centre, has been involved since its very beginning and carries on Carol’s creativity and passion for supporting students in their field placements. "Through this amazing Centre, we support all students in their practice with children,” she says, “and by doing so we demonstrate the value of showing deep respect and reverence for the child".

The Carol Reid ECE Resource Centre also publishes a monthly newsletter full of creative ideas, and offers monthly hands-on workshops on topics such as rock-painting, loose parts, storytelling, and songs.

Please drop by E321 to sign up… and get ready to be inspired!


For more information on the ECE Resource Centre, please contact:
Pina Leo
416.675.6622 ext. 4820