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Faculty/staff and leaders in the Faculty of Health Sciences & Wellness are part of a learning community that is committed to educating, preparing, and nurturing future professionals who are career ready and exemplify positive ethics and excellence in their behaviours and practices. We believe that students are important members of this learning community, and we must all commit to the values that are consistent with academic integrity. These values include honesty, trust, fairness, respect, responsibility, and courage (International Centre for Academic Integrity [ICAI], 2021).

Academic Integrity Policies & Resources

Academic integrity is defined “as a commitment to six fundamental values: honesty, trust, fairness, respect, responsibility, and courage.” (ICAI, 2021)

The Faculty of Health Sciences & Wellness Academic Integrity Council would like to congratulate all of the 1st year Faculty of Health Sciences & Wellness students who participate in the WE Pledge ceremonies. Each year, approximately 1,500 students pledge to study with the values of honesty, trust, fairness, respect, and responsibility with courage even when faced with adversity. We are proud of all of you. A special thanks to all the students who volunteer and help with the pledges. You are part of something important and we could not do it without all of you. And finally, many thanks to all the faculty, staff, and senior managers from across the Faculty of Health Sciences & Wellness and Humber College who participate and attend the ceremonies. Together we are strong, together we are the Faculty of Health Sciences & Wellness, together we have integrity!


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Values of Academic Integrity

The Responsibilities of All Faculty of Health Sciences & Wellness Community Members

Our educational efforts focus on the acquisition of skills, knowledge, and attitudes specific to our programs of study and in keeping with the values of academic integrity. We each hold responsibilities to promote academic integrity and academic excellence within our FHSW learning settings.

These responsibilities include:

  1. Understanding how the six values of academic integrity are lived day to day in our learning settings and across our FHSW learning community (honesty, trust, fairness, respect, responsibility, courage).
  2. Understanding Academic Regulation 17 as it applies to each of us in our learning settings (
  3. Applying the six values to all aspects of our roles, experiences, and communication within our community of learning.
  4. Understanding what threatens the six values of academic integrity in our learning settings.
  5. Taking action to reduce and prevent breaches of academic integrity within our academic roles (students, faculty/staff, leaders).

Six Values:


Academic Misconduct/Dishonesty What You Need to Know

"Academic dishonesty/misconduct is broadly defined as an offence against the academic integrity of the learning environment…Academic dishonesty impacts everyone. This behaviour undermines the credibility of Humber’s credentials, diminishes trust between members of the learning community, threatens the integrity of learning, and compromises the future career and learning opportunities for Humber graduates. Humber takes academic dishonesty seriously and will respond to individual offenses with appropriate penalties as per the process outlined in section 17.3" (Humber College Admission Requirements and Academic Regulations, 2022-2023).

Dishonest approaches in our learning settings have direct correlations to poor knowledge acquisition, the development of attitudes and behaviours inconsistent with professional ethical practice, and fragmented care/service to the public. Dishonesty in turn negatively impacts the success of individuals and the reputation of the FHSW and Humber College. Academic misconduct/dishonesty gives those who behave dishonestly an unfair advantage over others in educational endeavours and is contradictory to what we value within the Faculty of Health Sciences & Wellness.

Further details can be located within the digital FHSW Student Handbook.



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