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Semester Abroad

Students can broaden their experience by spending a semester living and studying in a partner institution abroad.

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Work Placement Abroad

Complete your work placement abroad and gain invaluable work and life experience.

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Faculty Led Study Tours

Step outside the classroom and learn a subject first-hand from a faculty expert in one of our global study tours.

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Global Citizenship Certificate

Prepare for engaged living in a culturally diverse and rapidly changing world through Humber’s innovative Global Citizenship Certificate.

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Experiencing life as a student in a different country will expose you to a new culture, food, history, and possibly a new language. You will improve your ability to adapt to a new environment and further improve your cross-cultural communication skills as you meet new people and form new friendships. The experiences you have will positively influence your future education choices, your career path, and how you interact with others. This is an opportunity not to be missed.

2019/20 Global Opportunities for Faculty of Health Sciences & Wellness Students

The following are the list of destinations for global opportunities within the FHSW for the academic year 2019 - 2020:

Country City Activities Academic Program Partner Institution
Denmark Roskilde Semester Abroad Early Childhood Education University College Absalon
Odense Field Placement Abroad Early Childhood Education UCL University College
Svendborg Field Placement Abroad Early Childhood Education UCL University College
Guatemala   Faculty Led Trip Abroad Bachelor of Nursing; Practical Nursing; Paramedic; Pharmacy Technician N/A
Italy & France Multiple cities in Italy (Rome, Florence, Parma, Milan); in France (Lyon and Marseille) Faculty Led Trip Abroad Nutrition & Healthy Lifestyle Promotion N/A
Taiwan Taichung Faculty Led Trip Abroad Bachelor of Nursing (Generic + 2nd Entry) Hungkuang University
USA Florida Faculty Led Trip Abroad Exercise Science & Lifestyle Management; Fitness and Health Promotion; UGH Kinesiology