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Work-Integrated Learning (Clinical/ Field/ Internship) herein known as 'placement' is a crucial part of any learning in the Faculty of Health Sciences & Wellness.

Work-Integrated Learning

Humber programs offer unique work-integrated learning opportunities to prepare students for their future careers. Students apply what they’ve learned in class and in real world environments through a wide range of academic, community and industry partnerships. These work-integrated and experiential learning opportunities may include field placements, practicums, clinical placements, co-operative education work terms, internships, applied research projects, or service learning. Check program pages to learn more about the specific opportunities within each program.

Real-World Settings

Classroom learning gives you the foundation; placements provide the opportunity to apply your learning in a real-world setting with professional supervision by Humber College Faculty, Clinical Teachers, and/or Pregrad Advisors. Humber's Faculty of Health Sciences & Wellness offers placements through their extensive partnerships with hospitals, long-term care faculties, child care centers, community and educational agencies, industry groups, and other facilities throughout the greater Toronto and surrounding areas. Learn by doing and experience first-hand what it means to work in your chosen field. This is the valuable introduction to your future.

Pre-Placement Requirements

Most placements in the Faculty of Health Sciences & Wellness programs require the following before you begin placement:

  • Medical Requirements - including immunization records and laboratory blood tests
  • Vulnerable Sector Police Record Check
  • Standard First Aid Certificate
  • Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation (CPR) Certificate
  • Respiratory Mask Fit Certificate

Community Partnerships

The Faculty of Health Sciences & Wellness was founded within Ontario’s community college system. This history has forged a commitment to the community around us in which we live, through service to the community as part of the educational experiences that we provide to our students. We offer a broad range of opportunities for work-integrated learning experiences.

  • CLINICAL RESEARCH students are responsible for finding their own internship with the assistance of Humber. Sought out industries include pharmaceutical, natural health products (NHP), medical device and biotechnology companies, as well as contract research organizations, hospitals, government agencies/departments and scientific institutions.
  • COMMUNITY INTEGRATION THROUGH CO-OPERATIVE EDUCATION (CICE) students gain work experience by participating in an on-campus work placement. In second year, a placement occurs off-campus in areas such as retail, small business, community centres and restaurants.
  • EARLY CHILDHOOD EDUCATION students have field practicums working with families and children of various age groups in licensed child care or preschool settings, Ontario Early Years programs, Parenting and Family Literacy programs, various community programs, hospitals, full-day kindergarten, or home-based child care programs.
  • EXERCISE SCIENCE AND LIFESTYLE MANAGEMENT students have internships on and off-campus. During the on-campus internships, students provide fitness assessments and testing, physical activity counselling and prescription services to Humber employees as part of the Humber Centre for Healthy Living.
  • FITNESS AND HEALTH PROMOTION students receive experience on and off-campus. While on campus students perform fitness appraisals and conduct weekly personal training sessions for an assigned client as part of the Humber Centre for Healthy Living. Off-campus experiences occur at a fitness facility in a municipal, commercial, private or corporate setting.
  • FOOD AND NUTRITION MANAGEMENT students partake in a placement and settings may include hospitals, long-term care and retirement facilities, business/industry and education facilities, food suppliers, manufacturers and distributors, and foodservice outlets.
  • FUNERAL DIRECTOR students are responsible for finding their own work placement with an Ontario funeral home, with the assistance of Humber by working with our industry partners to identify openings.
  • HEALTH SECTOR REGULATORY COMPLIANCE students are responsible for finding their own work placement with the assistance of Humber. Sought out industries include pharmaceuticals, medical devices, natural health and food products, cosmetics, and cannabis.
  • INCLUSIVE RESOURCE PRACTICE - CHILD AND FAMILY students learn to work closely with inter-professional teams and the community to enhance person-centred practice and facilitate the process of inclusion. Experiences may include a combination of direct and indirect roles working with individuals within community-based and government services; and agencies such as treatment centres, mental health agencies, child care centres, community living associations, elementary and high schools, colleges, and multi-service agencies.
  • MASSAGE THERAPY students have the opportunity to practise skills both on and off-campus. Students benefit from Humber’s on-campus Massage Therapy Program Student Clinic, and thanks to community partnerships, students experience a variety of health-care settings and work with a diverse group of patients.
  • NURSING DEGREE students receive practical experience through clinical placements at health-related agencies across the Greater Toronto Area (GTA). Clinical experiences are diverse, covering a broad range of settings including community agencies, schools, long-term care facilities, and hospitals.
  • NUTRITION AND HEALTHY LIFESTYLE PROMOTION students experience an on-campus placement involving Humber’s Centre for Healthy Living. Components include nutrition awareness events, delivering workshops, displays and sessions for community, business and industry partners in various settings and practising nutrition coaching to Humber students and staff.
  • OCCUPATIONAL THERAPIST ASSISTANT & PHYSIOTHERAPIST ASSISTANT students will be exposed to leading-edge therapeutic skills, equipment and health-care facilities. This offers the privilege of participating in clinical placements in occupational therapy and physiotherapy at some of the top teaching hospitals in Canada.
  • PARAMEDIC students will obtain experience in both the paramedic services and acute care hospital settings.
  • PERSONAL SUPPORT WORKER students will assist individuals at a long-term care facility and in other settings, learning to recognize the physical and emotional changes of aging and illness, and become familiar with the restorative techniques used to maximize independence.
  • PHARMACY TECHNICIAN students will partake in a placement in a retail/community pharmacy and in a hospital pharmacy setting.
  • PRACTICAL NURSING students will participate in a unique community-service learning placement in a variety of community settings, working in a long-term care setting, rehabilitation, complex or acute-care settings.
  • REGULATORY AFFAIRS students are responsible for finding their own internship with the assistance of Humber. Sought out industries include pharmaceutical, natural health products (NHP), medical device and biotechnology companies, as well as contract research organizations, hospitals, government agencies/departments and scientific institutions.
  • SYSTEMS NAVIGATOR students complete a work experience that is reflective of their specialization, and learning and professional development goals. Placement locations may include health, school-based, correctional, and community service organizations utilizing systems navigators.
  • TRADITIONAL CHINESE MEDICINE PRACTITIONER students benefit from multiple placements occurring at community TCM and multi-disciplinary clinics within the Greater Toronto Area, as well as at Humber’s on-site partner clinic, the Tzu Chi Clinic of Traditional Chinese Medicine. Examples of inter-professional clinical settings include working with naturopathic doctors, registered dieticians, chiropractors, registered massage therapists, physiotherapists and occupational therapists. Aside from the traditional examples of TCM and acupuncture placements such as clinics, other examples include servicing patients in residential addiction facilities and organizations offering services to people living with HIV.
  • WELLNESS COACHING students secure a sponsor/mentor, determine a project, implement and evaluate the project, and practise and reflect on coaching relationships and processes. The site of the placement may be within a current employment setting or another appropriate worksite. Sought out settings include fitness centres, workplace settings, long-term care facilities, college/university student wellness centres, bariatric/weight loss centres, cardiac rehab programs, outpatient cancer support programs, outpatient chronic disease management programs, mental health support programs, community health centres, and family health-care teams.
  • WORKPLACE HEALTH AND WELLNESS, BACHELOR OF HEALTH SCIENCES students experience their work internship during the summer months between 3rd and 4th year. Settings are diverse and may include for-profit or not-for-profit enterprises, health and wellness consulting firms, governmental or educational institutions, or other health and wellness environments. Work experiences might include successfully developing, evaluating and implementing a workplace health and wellness initiative; functioning as a member of a health and promotion team; working at a public health organization in knowledge translation; working in insurance companies; working with workplace insurance claims; and health promotion within a long- term care facility.

Our program advisory committees are a structured way to involve local employers and community agencies in curriculum planning. Their input, based on their knowledge of trends and emerging issues is vital to making our courses current and relevant to the practice settings. Through the representatives on these advisory committees, we establish the relationships that support us to offer quality Clinical and Field Placements for our Humber students.