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The Humber Advantage: Student Testimonials

"I always knew that I wanted to do something in the scientific community. I chose to pursue biotechnology due to the abundant scientific branches it applies to. I was accepted to many other colleges, but chose Humber based on the program description and the existence of advanced laboratory, providing a low ratio of professor to student interaction. I am so glad that I made this decision 2 years ago. The program far exceeded my expectations with respect to the preparation of graduates for immediate integration into the related work force. The program provided extensive practical laboratory hours parallel to theoretical learning providing many opportunities to apply hands-on practices for enforcement of skills necessary for the field of biotechnology. In addition to the practical skills, this program instilled many soft and interpersonal skills specific to the biotechnology industry. This program is well constructed, ensuring a thorough learning experience and a confident immediate transition into the related work force."

– Sarah

 "Being part of the Biotechnology program was one of the most wonderful experiences in my life. I had the chance to study what I really wanted to, I met wonderful professors and most importantly, had an awesome lab experience."

"The past two years have been amazing and my experience at Humber has far exceeded my expectation! The professors as well as my fellow students have made me change in ways I have never thought possible."

"Thank you for making my first 2 years out of high school and in college a great experience. This program really opened up my eyes for my love of science, and work on taking the knowledge learned into university."

"The last two years have been amazing……This program has seriously changed my life."

Sarah Biotech student