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Massage Therapy Teaching & Learning Clinic

Fall 2023 Schedule

Humber’s Massage Therapy Teaching & Learning Clinic offers appointments to everyone – faculty, staff, students & members of the community. Students in Humber’s 3-year advanced diploma Massage Therapy program offer treatments as part of their on-campus internship under supervision of proven and trusted Registered Massage Therapists.

Afternoon Appointments Available

Appointments, including initial assessments and treatments, are 45-minutes.

Mondays: 2:00pm, 3:30pm, 5:45pm or 7:15pm
Tuesdays: 1:45pm, 3:30pm, 5:30pm or 7:15pm
Wednesdays: 2:00pm, 3:30pm, 5:45pm or 7:15pm
Thursdays: 1:45pm, 3:30pm, 5:45pm or 7:15pm
Fridays: 5:45pm or 7:15pm

Clinic Fees

Assessments: FREE for all populations
Treatments: $15 (HST Incl) Students, Faculty & Staff, Seniors 65+
General Public: $25 (HST incl)

Your Clinic Experience

Initial Assessment

All new patients must undergo an initial assessment prior to booking their first treatment. This allows the massage therapy students to develop a safe and effective treatment plan that is specific to your needs and goals. The assessment will include a health history interview, pain assessment, vital signs, postural assessment, range of motion assessment and additional testing when indicated.

Please bring or wear loose fitting clothing for the assessment.

Note: All patients of the Massage Therapy Teaching & Learning Clinic must undergo an initial assessment at minimum once per year.

Treatment Plan

Once a treatment plan has been established, you may book a treatment session. This session will include:

  • Assessment
  • Treatment
  • Reassessment
  • Remedial exercises (if indicated)

This plan will determine individual needs, future visits and length of time of those visits.

Note: Nature and duration of assessment and treatment will vary based on individual symptoms and goals. Treatment plans may change based on your progress or if indicated by your Massage Therapy program student.

Person consulting with massage therapy student provider

Student Massage New Patient & Pre-Appointment Information

Appointments are 45 minutes. (*Disregard the dated comment of 30-60 minutes in the video.) Please ensure you are prepared to stay for the maximum amount of time.

Watch this video to learn about the nature and purpose of the clinic and your rights and responsibilities as a patient.


For more information, or to book an appointment, please contact:

Humber Massage Therapy Teaching & Learning Clinic
A107 (North Campus)
416.675.6622 ext. 5055

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