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About the Service

Offered During Winter Semester

Students in their second semester of Humber's Exercise Science and Lifestyle Management Ontario Graduate Certificate program provide fitness and lifestyle assessment as part of their work-integrated learning. All appointments are conducted in Humber's state-of-the-art facilities.


Fees vary per assessment. Fees will be disclosed prior to bookings.


Book your fitness assessments now for the Winter 2024 semester.

Assessment Dates are: February 2nd, February 23rd, April 5th, between 9 a.m. - 1:30 p.m.. For each of the dates, specific client times will be based on the submitted client questionnaire form as well as Humber's Exercise Science and Lifestyle Management student recommendation.

You will be contacted after you submit the questionnaire.


Are you seeking specific goals for your fitness activities? Training for an athletic event? Do you have specific health concerns that might affect your fitness activities? Consider the following assessments.

Fitness Assessments Available:

3D model of inner ear

Aerobic Fitness Testing

Approximately 45 minutes

Use a stationary bike, a treadmill or a step to estimate your aerobic fitness. Useful to assess health related fitness, guide exercise and to track progress.

Submaximal Metabolic (VO2) Exercise Test

Approximately 60 minutes

Exercise at a vigorous level using a stationary bike or a treadmill while having your oxygen consumption measured during the test. Beneficial for guiding training intensity and tracking progress of exercise training.

Maximal Metabolic (VO2) Exercise Test

Approximately 60 minutes

Push yourself to maximum exertion using a stationary bike or a treadmill while having your oxygen consumption measured during the test. Beneficial for athletes or anyone seeking an accurate direct measurement of their aerobic fitness.

Comprehensive Fitness Assessment

Approximately 75 minutes

A package of tests to assess aerobic fitness (predicted based on exercise heart rate), strength, flexibility and body composition. This package includes either a bike or treadmill test, grip strength, sit and reach (flexibility), BodPod, height, weight, and blood pressure. Beneficial to set a baseline or check your progress.

Humber construction student using saw

Hands holding hearing aids

Resting Metabolic Rate (Resting VO2)

Approximately 45 minutes

Discover your resting metabolic rate by laying still and breathing into a mouthpiece connected to a metabolic cart. Useful for determining calorie expenditure.

Wingate Test (30-Second Anaerobic Power Test)

Approximately 20 minutes

Measure your power output during a 30-second maximal effort test performed on a Monark cycle ergometer (stationary bike). Beneficial for athletes requiring explosive power in their sport (e.g. jumping, sprinting, etc.).

Blood Lactate Threshold Test

Approximately 60 minutes

This is a test for endurance athletes who are serious about training. The test involves pricking the finger during each stage of the exercise test (on a treadmill or cycle ergo meter) to measure lactate concentration in the blood in response to the increasing exercise intensity. This testing is generally intended for those who are already training regularly and want more information or confirmation about their performance and training thresholds.

Bod Pod

Approximately 10 minutes

Determine your body composition (fat and fat-free mass). A full test requires about 10 minutes, and provides highly accurate, safe, comfortable, and fast test results.


For more information, please contact:

The Faculty of Health Sciences & Wellness Teaching and Learning Hub
Room A107 (North Campus)
416.675.6622 ext. 5055