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Information for Employers

Why Hire an Intern?

Our program provides employers with access to a pool of over 50 qualified candidates. Hiring an intern can help you meet the needs of peak periods or special projects. In addition, you can use the internship period to assess a candidate's long-term potential with your organization. We work to ensure that the recruitment process is smooth and cost-effective for participating employers.

Internships are a minimum of 12 weeks in length starting in May. Previous graduates have been placed in pharmaceutical, medical device and biotechnology companies; in hospitals, clinical trial sites and outpatient clinics; in government regulatory agencies, contract research organizations and regulatory affairs consulting firms.

Our students are willing to relocate for positions outside of the Greater Toronto Area. Our program curriculum prepares students for Canadian and international placements.

Employer Benefits

  • Access to motivated, skilled, productive employees with current, specialized training 
  • A good source of qualified professionals to handle special projects or meet the demands of peak periods 
  • An opportunity to evaluate potential permanent employees without a long term commitment 
  • Reduced recruiting and training costs 
  • Recent training means quicker productivity on the job 
  • Internship is the final program component, so students are ready and willing to accept extended employment

What's Expected - Employer Responsibilities

As an employer participating in our internship program, you will be expected to:

  • Develop a clear job description for posting with our students 
  • Review resumes, interview and select candidates for your available position(s) 
  • Provide meaningful employment that offers the student an opportunity to develop his/her skills 
  • Provide an orientation to your organization and the student's job functions 
  • Establish objectives with the student within the first two days on the job 
  • Monitor and offer feedback to the student on an ongoing basis 
  • Complete a short evaluation form rating the student's work performance at the six-week and twelve-week intervals of internship.

Please note that a posting with our program is a commitment to hire one of our students, if they meet your specifications. We can advertise confirmed positions only.

Types of Interns Available

Each year, we select from an impressive pool of candidates applying for entry into our programs. To apply to our program, students are required to provide academic transcripts from previous studies, complete an assessment of their communications skills through the submission of their resume and a short introductory video. Students are expected to have a minimum of a Bachelor of Science or equivalent degree in Health sciences to enter the program. Each year, our students have a slightly different mix of academic backgrounds and work experience.

Student Profiles

Many of our students have had previous relevant work experience in addition to their postgraduate studies at Humber College.

Success Rates for Internship Placement

We have been successfully placing students in internship placements since the introduction of the Regulatory Affairs program. We have a high placement rate and quite often our students are offered extended employment at the end of their internship.

The comprehensive training we provide, combined with previous degrees and work experience, make our students highly marketable.

Employers are pleased that our internship comes at the end of our program. This means that students have completed all coursework and are ready and available to continue to work at the end of the placement period.