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Obstetric Nursing - RN (pre 2019-20)

Program Overview

This certificate is designed for RNs employed in and/or seeking to advance their practice in perinatal nursing following a holistic, comprehensive model of maternity-care delivery. You will learn nursing assessment; evidence-informed nursing interventions; and how to develop collaborative and consultative partnerships with obstetrical clients, their support systems and other healthcare practitioners. 

You will also develop high-level critical thinking, care planning, leadership and professional practice skills. Special attention is paid to current changes in the delivery of maternity care in both the hospital and community settings in Canada. The program prepares the RN to take a leadership role in patient care management and health teaching for the low- and high-risk maternity client and her family. This certificate is based on the Canadian Nurses Association (CNA) competencies for perinatal nurses and completion of the certificate academically prepares the learner for the Perinatal Nursing Certification Exam.

Admission Requirements

  • Registered Nurse (RN) 

Additional Information

New! Please be advised that this Obstetrics Nursing – RN Certificate 73811 (RN_OBST_N_CA) is changing. Except for OBST 508, the current certificate (501 series courses) will not be offered after Fall 2019. A revised certificate with new curriculum will be implemented with course offerings starting Fall 2019. Courses will have new titles/codes (520 series courses) to reflect new content based on revised national standards.

We will be phasing out the current 501 series courses as follows:

  • Winter 2019: OBST 504 and OBST 505 (beginning in March)
  • Summer 2019: OBST 501 (last term offered); 502 (last term offered); 503, 504, 505
  • Fall 2019: OBST 503, 504 and 505 (last term each course offered)

Please note that there are no equivalencies between current courses (OBST 501 series) and new courses (OBST 520 series) except for OBST 508 that will remain unchanged.

In order to complete the theory portion of the current certificate students are encouraged to undertake courses within the timelines above.
Students who do not complete the 501 series theory courses within the described timelines will be unable to finish the Obstetric Nursing – RN certificate 73811 (RN_OBST_N_CA).

The revised certificate (520 series) courses will start being offered in Fall 2019. See Obstetric Nursing – RN (ON 91).

New Obstetrics Nursing – RPN Certificate

Beginning in Fall 2019, Humber will be offering an Obstetric Nursing Certificate specifically for Registered Practical Nurses! The certificate will be comprised of 4 theory courses and an experiential learning – clinical course. See Obstetric Nursing - RPN (ON 92).


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Curriculum is under development.

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