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Guiding Principles

Our program values and strives to continuously cultivate and nurture authentic, caring relationships and connections between children, adults, community, and the world. This helps children to establish a growing sense of self within the context of a group setting.

Our responsive-inclusive program makes every effort to create and maintain an open, respectful and welcoming environment for all. We aim to reflect the rich diversity of our community through thoughtful and informed practices. Educators ensure that all children have equitable and genuine opportunities to participate in all aspects of the program. The children are offered opportunities to engage in inquiry, learn through play, build friendships and appreciate the natural world, through the everyday routine and transitions, interactions and experiences that take place daily. Our educators advocate for positive relationships with all children, families and communities. We provide opportunities for ongoing engagement and expression, fostering a healthy well-being and sense of belonging that contributes to building positive self-regulation and resiliency skills for life.

code of ethics

College of ECE: Code of Ethics and Standards of Practice

The Code of Ethics and the Standards of Practice communicate to others the scope and nature of the early childhood education profession.

How does learning happen?

How Does Learning Happen?

A resource about learning through relationships for those who work with young children and their families.

the new child care and early years act

Child Care and Early Years Act

What providers and parents need to know.