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Human Body Donor Program

PLEASE NOTE: This web page discusses body donation for anatomical study and for funeral service study. Donation may be considered for either program or specifically to one, based on the donor’s preference.

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The Faculty of Health Sciences and Wellness at Humber College Institute of Technology and Advanced Learning prioritizes respect for all peoples, living and deceased. Those who are part of programs that interact with decedents adhere to the highest levels of ethical practise realizing that the dead are defenseless and therefore must be defended.

We house Ontario’s only regulator-approved English-speaking program for Funeral Service education and have, since 1968 prepared service-ready funeral professionals to assist Ontario families when a death occurs. Our Bioscience Division is the province’s only community college to be included in Ontario’s Anatomy Act as able to receive body donation and have anatomical donors on campus. Faculty and staff ensure that students understand and adhere to the principles we maintain, and at the same time students are never left unattended with a decedent when study is occurring.



Humber College holds an annual memorial service to formally commemorate those who, in the last year gifted their bodies, and to acknowledge the family members who agreed to this decision. We invite next of kin to join us for the service in order to also use this event as another step in their journey learning to live without the deceased in their lives.

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Wider Acceptance Criteria

When considering the donation of human remains, Humber offers a unique opportunity for those who wish to leave one final, positive impact on society. Whereas medical institutions, including our Bioscience Division, who accept remains for anatomical study must ensure the donor falls within very specific criteria to be considered for acceptance, our Funeral Service program works to prepare our graduates for real life, dealing with real individuals from practically all aspects of physiology and pathology.

Because of this, we can accept donors who must be rejected by other institutions because of weight, height, causes of death, etc. There are separate application forms for donation to each of Humber’s designated programs of study, and applications can be made to either or both.

How To Arrange The Donation Of Your Body

Please ensure you always discuss alternative funeral arrangements with your family and estate trustee.
There are two programs available: