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Body Donation to Humber’s Funeral Service Program for Funeral-Related Preparation Studies

Criteria for Donation


Humber College ITAL

Please note, Humber College ITAL may respectfully decline donation of a body at any time due to:

  • Storage Limitations
  • Out of Province donations
  • Any unforeseen prevailing circumstances


Alternative Funeral Arrangements

Please ensure you always discuss alternative funeral arrangements with your family and estate trustee in case Humber College is unable to accept the remains.


Accept Remains

Humber College Funeral Service Program is often able to accept remains that have been refused by other schools of anatomy or bioscience.

Our Funeral Service program works to prepare our graduates for real life, dealing with real individuals from practically all aspects of physiology and pathology. As a result, we can accept donors who must be rejected by other institutions because of weight, height, causes of death, etc.

To donate body remains to the Funeral Service Program in the Faculty of Health Sciences and Wellness at Humber College Institute of Technology and Advanced Learning (ITAL)

Please complete the Bequeathal Form - The Anatomy Act - Province of Ontario.

While much of the form may be filled out electronically, original signatures are required so the form must be printed before signatures are applied.

PART I: To be completed by the person wishing to donate their body, or

PART II: To be completed by the Estate Trustee / Next of Kin or person lawfully in possession of the body.

NOTE: Only one part is to be completed based on the circumstance.

Please mail the documents with original signatures to:

Lindsay Jones
Room M200, Faculty of Health Sciences & Wellness
Humber College Institute of Technology & Advance Learning
205 Humber College Blvd
Toronto, ON M9W 5L7

EMERGENCY 24-HR. PHONE: McKinnon and Bowes Ltd.
416-465-7508, or 1-800-268-6736.
McKinnon and Bowes are to be called IF the forms have been completed and submitted to Humber.
*Call this number to report a death or when death is imminent.

If forms have not been completed and death occurs, Lindsay Jones, is to be called to assist the next of kin in completing and submitting the forms.
Lindsay Jones, 416-675-6622 ext. 4862

For our files, please provide us with a copy of the first page of your legal will confirming your choice of an estate trustee or a letter from you confirming the same. This document along with the completed bequeathal form is required before the body can be transported for donation purposes.

signing documents

At the time of death or when death is imminent, the estate trustee or next of kin should call McKinnon and Bowes Ltd. 416-465-7508, or 1-800-268-6736.

Please note that acceptance of the body is at the discretion of Humber College ITAL, and is dependent on prevailing circumstances at the time of death.

A private funeral with the body present will not be possible prior to human body donation.

The donated body will remain with Humber College for a period of time from 14 days up to five years (depending to which program the donation has been made) before cremation and interment of the cremated remains in the Humber College Commemorative Plot at Elgin Mills Cemetery.

A Service of Committal is held in the summer each year. Families will be specifically notified in the year they are welcome to attend. Alternatively, the family may retrieve the remains for private interment.

The estate of the deceased will be responsible for payment of the cost of transportation, registration of the death in Ontario, and all documentation required by the family.

To assist the family, a funeral home service appointed by the College will be responsible for the transfer of the deceased from the place of death, for the municipal registration of death on behalf of the family, and for the preparation of the proof of death certificates and any other documentation required by the family. Humber College will take into consideration any preference the family may have for a specific funeral home to be responsible for the above.

Humber College will assume all costs thereafter related to the immediate embalmment, maintenance, cremation and interment of each of the cremated remains within the Humber College plot at Elgin Mills Cemetery.

Alternatively, the family may request retrieval of the remains for private interment at the cost of the estate. To retrieve remains, please contact Lindsay Jones, 416-675-6622 ext. 4862.