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Stilwell Introduction

Stilwell Canada,, a virtual Faculty of Health Sciences & Wellness community, formerly named Stilwell Ontario.

What is it?

  • Stilwell is a virtual learning tool, consisting of a series of videos, blog posts and online newspaper articles, all pertaining to the characters of the fictional city of Stilwell.
  • Designed to represent a typical Canadian neighbourhood with a wide social and cultural demographic mix, the health, social and personal problems of the residents are situated, contextualized, and followed. Their stories are brought to life and embedded in the community with the aid of multimedia.
  • Learners (both students and practicing clinicians) from different disciplines work through the cases to respond to health related issues and to create dialogue around the roles and responsibilities of providers. Participants experience greater engagement in the lives and events of the people in Stilwell than in a typical case study.
  • 13 Cases. 44 Episodes. Electronic health records.

Who is this for?

  • Multiple FHSW programs currently use the site, for example, nursing (both PN and BN programs), Paramedic, Pharmacy Technician, and post-grad nursing.
  • The content is flexible though and can be incorporated into programs that may be less obvious.

Why the name change in 2019?

  • Launched in 2009 and hosted externally, served learners well. An opportunity was presented to bring the content in-house.
  • Removing the name 'Ontario' opens up Canadian partnering opportunities. Our content management system now allows custom regions to be entered, for example Ontario, British Columbia, New Brunswick, etc, thus was born!
  • For advertising purposes we display, however a redirect sends the user to

How to access? 

  • Every member of FHSW has access to this virtual community. If you do not have access, email Wendy Murphy
  • Initially, log in using your Humber email address for your username and password. After logging in the first time, you are encouraged to change your password. Perhaps synchronize it to be the same as your Humber account.

Faculty -- Using Stilwell in class 

  • Email Wendy Murphy to set up a custom Stilwell user profile for your course. Include: 
    • course code (for example nurs2155), and 
    • the case(s) / episode(s) you want to use
  • One username is created for the entire class. 
  • A filter will be set so the student only sees the specific content. Seeing all the Stilwell content at once will be too overwhelming. Narrowing the focus is necessary.
  • Stilwell has been used at times during disruptions (outbreaks/closures). Stilwell provides learning for students while they are unable to enter their agency. It is good to have an idea of what to use before an disruption occurs. 

Need Help? 

  • Email Wendy Murphy with any questions.
  • Facilitator / Student guides have not been created for all cases. Each case is open for your interpretation or application to meet the set curriculum goal.
  • Resident champions of Stilwell include: Sandra Cop, Eva Hearn, Craig MacCalman, Richard Alvarez, Judy Martin, Pamela Adams, Kamini Singh, Tamiza Kassam, Sandra Secord, Donna Skells
  • Read Faculty testimonials and more.
  • After logging into Stilwell, staff members will see an 'Educators' page linking you to an alphabetical list of issues that may help you determine what content is the best for your class.  

Listed alphabetically (and a searchable pdf) 

  1. Advanced Directives 
  2. Aging 
  3. Allergies 
  4. Cardiovascular Disease 
  5. Children and Youth 
  6. Critical Care 
  7. Community and Social Care 
  8. Dementia 
  9. Diabetes Melitius 
  10. Diversity 
  1. Emergency Care 
  2. End of Life Care 
  3. Environmental Issues 
  4. Ethical Decision Making 
  5. Evidence Based Practice 
  6. Health Policy 
  7. Interprofessional Practice 
  8. Mental Health 
  9. Maternal Care 
  10. Organ Donation
  1. Pain 
  2. Palliative Care 
  3. Primary Health Care 
  4. Respiratory Disease 
  5. Safety – Public and Patient 
  6. Self-harm 
  7. Sexual Health 
  8. Simulation 
  9. Trauma