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Sample Questions


Your program of interest may require a pre-admissions math test. The purpose of the following material is to 1. Provide a sense of the types of questions used in the Faculty of Health Sciences & Wellness, and to 2. Provide prospects with an understanding of the type of math function needed to be successful in this program. This sample math test contains 4 questions.

Please note:

  • Calculators are not permitted
  • You can do rough work on the test paper but will be required to submit answers using a scantron sheet, also known as a bubble sheet.
  • You need a pencil. To indicate your answer, you will fill in the corresponding bubble.
  • The scantron answer sheet looks like
    Figure 1:

Part B - Sample Questions

  1. Jackie is a nurse who provides client education. Jackie must see three clients for a one-to-one, independent education session between the hours of 7:30 AM and 11:00 AM. Each appointment needs a ten minute preparation period where Jackie puts together her materials before she sees her client. Each appointment also needs a ten minute documentation period where Jackie writes down all of the events of the session after the client has left. Considering the time requirements for each appointment, how much time is available for Jackie to spend with each client during the one-to-one, independent component of the education session?
    1. fifty minutes
    2. thirty minutes
    3. forty minutes
    4. twenty-five minutes
  2. Manon is a service worker employed at Middlecreek High School to work with teenagers (adolescents). Middlecreek High School currently has an enrollment of one thousand and thirty four students. Research indicates that 11.65 % (percent) of all teenagers in Canada have tried illegal street drugs at least once. Using this information, how many students should Manon predict are at risk to experiment with illegal street drugs at Middlecreek High School?
    1. ninety-four students
    2. one hundred and twenty one students
    3. one hundred and three students
    4. one hundred and ten students
  1. Frederick is a cook who runs the lunch program at a day camp. The girls section of the camp has 43 members. The boys section of the camp has 37 members. Today’s orders for lunch are as follows:
Lunch Menu Girls Camp Boys Camp
Grilled Cheese and French Fries 12 14
Macaroni and Cheese and an Apple 6 19
Hot Dog and French Fries 14 4

Based on the above orders, how many servings of French Fries should Frederick prepare for today’s lunch?

  1. thirty-four
  2. twenty-six
  3. eighteen
  4. forty-four
  1. Jody wants to bake a cake for her mother’s birthday. The recipe instructs Jody to use one and one third cup of flour. Jody wants to make a larger cake for her mother so she decides to double the recipe. How many cups of flour will Jody need?
    1. Two and two third cups
    2. One and two third cups
    3. Three cups
    4. One and one sixth cups