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Nephrology Nursing - RPN

Certificate of Accomplishment | NND4

Program Overview

The Nephrology Nursing - RPN certificate program is designed for registered practical nurses (RPNs) employed in and/or seeking to advance their practice in nephrology nursing.  Students will learn nephrology nursing assessment and evidence-based nursing interventions, as well as how to develop collaborative and consultative partnerships with nephrology clients, their support systems and other health-care practitioners. Practice specialties include the care of patients with kidney disease, peritoneal dialysis, hemodialysis, renal transplantation as well as pharmacology. Students will also develop high-level critical thinking, care planning, leadership and professional practice skills.

This certificate is based on the Canadian Nurse Association (CNA) competencies for nephrology nurses and the standards for nephrology nursing by the Canadian Council of Nephrology Nurses.

Please note that the courses in this certificate need to be taken in a specific order.  Check that you have obtained the necessary pre-requisite prior to registering for a course.  Learners without the necessary pre-requisites will be removed from courses and charged the administrative fee. 

Admission Requirements

  • Registered Practical Nurse (RPN)

Students who have taken NEPH courses prior to Fall 2023 please click here for course registration.


Certificate Pathway

POST 500

May be taken anytime
before NEPH 614


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Course Name 2024/2025 Academic Year 2025/2026 Academic Year
Compulsory May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul
NEPH 610: Renal Disorders and Kidney Disease Management
NEPH 611: Peritoneal Dialysis, Advance Care Planning and Kidney Supportive Care
NEPH 612: Nephrology Nursing - Hemodialysis and nursing care of the renal transplant patient
NEPH 614: Nephrology Nursing - Clinical Practicum for the RPN
POST 500: Patient Assessment - Post Graduate

Compulsory Courses

NEPH 610 Renal Disorders and Kidney Disease Management
  Start Date: June 2024, September 2024  
This introductory course prepares nurses to meet the standards and practice guidelines of Nephrology Nursing or Critical Care Nursing in Canada. In a collaborative learning environment, students will be required to access their current knowledge and gain further understanding of renal anatomy, physiology and pathophysiology. Concepts developed include advanced physiology, acute kidney injury, chronic kidney disease and complex disease management. Utilizing a multitude of active and co-operative learning strategies for acquiring and applying knowledge, students will monitor personal thinking, demonstrate curiosity and engage in discovery to attain success with all course objectives. This course applies a variety of theoretical models in adult learning to support student success.


NEPH 611 Peritoneal Dialysis, Advance Care Planning and Kidney Supportive Care
  Start Date: September 2024  
This course builds upon the previous introductory course, moving the student toward the successful completion of the Nephrology Nursing Certificate program. The nursing management of the peritoneal dialysis patient including patient teaching and education, patient assessment, prescription interpretation, pharmacotherapeutics and management of complications are addressed. Adjunctive and complimentary health care, advanced care planning, kidney supportive care and end of life care principles are also a major focus. Students are expected to engage in all learning activities in a collaborative and professional manner to be successful with the course learning objectives.


NEPH 612 Nephrology Nursing - Hemodialysis and nursing care of the renal transplant patient
  Start Date: September 2024  

This course addresses the nursing management and advanced practice competencies required for hemodialysis care and supportive treatment for renal transplantation patients. Significant focus is placed on the components of hemodialysis such as advantages, disadvantages, management of access devices, the hemodialysis prescription, patient assessment, prevention of complications, planning care, and associated pharmacotherapeutics. Students will be challenged with learning activities that promote a thorough understanding of the nurse’s role and responsibilities, as well as leadership principles, regarding care for the patient undergoing hemodialysis. Students are also required to develop a strong knowledge regarding options for renal transplantation, contraindications, and nursing management for the living kidney recipient and donor across the continuum of care.


NEPH 614 Nephrology Nursing - Clinical Practicum for the RPN

This experiential learning course is designed to provide registered practical nurses with opportunity to observe and participate in the care of clients at affiliated clinical agencies.

The Nephrology Nursing-RPN clinical is 96 hours and must be completed within a 3-month term. Nurses are required to do two shifts weekly following their preceptor’s schedule. 

Step 1: Start your clinical placement application process by completing this Clinical Placement Request Form. Once we receive this form, we will add your name to the clinical waitlist and send you detailed information about the clinical placement process. Your placement requests will be submitted to the hospitals for the next term according to the placement request submission deadline. The placement requests are submitted three months in advance.

Step 2: Once you have submitted your Clinical Placement Request Form, please start working on the Health Clearance requirements, which may take three months to obtain

Note: You will be notified to register for the Clinical Course
  • Once we have secured your clinical placement and
  • You have successfully completed all the pre-requisite courses and
  • You have emailed all the health clearance requirements to the Humber Health Clearance Office.


POST 500 Patient Assessment - Post Graduate
  Start Date: June 2024, September 2024, November 2024  

This theoretical course is designed to assist nurses to refine their assessment skills to a higher level in order to obtain data to complete the health history and physical examination of a variety of adult clients. Assessment throughout the lifespan along with cultural and spiritual differences of adult clients will be discussed. The content will focus on culture and diversity, communication and therapeutic nurse or client relationships, safety, interviewing, history-taking, pain and physical and psychosocial assessments. The following systems respiratory, cardiovascular gastrointestinal, genito-urinary, musculoskeletal and neurological will be examined across the lifespan. Emphasis will focus on differentiating normal from abnormal findings to assist the nurse to move appropriately from data collection to nursing diagnosis. Students are expected to take an active role in group discussion, assessment, demonstrations and practice. The learning format will include in-class and online methodologies, such as lectures, reflective practice, case studies, demonstrations and critical discussions.


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