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Cardiology Nursing - RPN

Certificate of Achievement | CP91

(formerly Coronary Care Nursing)

The Cardiology Nursing - RPN certificate program is designed for registered practical nurses (RPNs) employed in and/or seeking to advance their practice in cardiovascular nursing. Students will learn cardiovascular nursing assessment and evidence-based nursing interventions, as well as how to develop collaborative and consultative partnerships with cardiovascular clients, their support systems and other health-care practitioners. Students will also develop high-level critical thinking, care planning, leadership and professional practice skills.

This certificate is based on the Canadian Nurse Association (CNA) competencies for cardiovascular nurses and the standards for cardiovascular nursing by the Canadian Council of Cardiovascular Nurses.


Admission Requirements

Registered Practical Nurse (RPN) 

Certificate Pathway


Cardiology Rehab and Pastient Assessment may be taken anytime before clinical.



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