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Paramedic, Broadcast Journalism Programs Team Up for Global Impact

Collaboration done locally can have an impact globally.

Humber College paramedic and broadcast journalism students teamed up during the Winter 2022 semester to produce first aid instructional videos for Ukrainians, in partnership with Global Medic.

Humber College broadcast and paramedic students work on creating instructional videos for Ukrainians.

As covered by the media on March 24, broadcast journalism students filmed paramedic students demonstrating life saving first aid techniques.

The videos were packaged with first-aid kits that Global Medic sent to Ukraine amid the continued Russian invasion.

The instructional videos are designed to help ordinary Ukrainian citizens who lack formal first-aid experience but may need to perform first-aid during the war. All the videos are translated into Ukrainian and Russian from English.

Global Medic itself is founded by Humber College alumni Rahul Singh.

Learn more about this event by watching CTV News coverage and listening to the CBC Radio coverage.