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Providing opportunities to learn in ways classroom teachings cannot match.

Humber's Health Sciences department offers placements through partnerships with hospitals, long term care facilities, industry groups, educational agencies and other facilities throughout the greater Toronto and surrounding areas. These placements provide students with opportunities to learn in ways classroom teachings cannot match, and which other institutions simply do not offer. 

male student with young girl

Community Partnerships 

Our program advisory committees are a structured way to involve local employers and community agencies in curriculum planning. Their input, based on their knowledge of trends and emerging issues, is vital to making our courses current and relevant to the practice settings. Through the representatives on these advisory committees, we establish the relationships that support us to offer quality clinical and field placements for our students.

older male and young female talking to young children

Connecting Children with Nature

Welcome! This page is presented and supported by Early Childhood Education faculty and dedicated to what is new and current in the local, provincial, national and global scene relating to the activities, research and collaborations concerning children and the natural world.