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Carol O. BA, RMT

Carol O

Why did you choose Humber College?

I found the program by chance while looking for options, so it is obviously high in searchability. I was attracted to the number of additional qualifications, specifically WellCoaches and the Mental Health First Aid, so after graduation one was not only academically ready, but with “real world” training that could be immediately recognized for the work environment. The course was offered 100% online too, so I met classmates from all over Ontario.

What are your career aspirations?

I have been a health care professional for over 15 years and was quite content until the disruptions of 2020. It changed the direction of my focus in providing health care. With an established wellness coaching practice, it will be possible to help many more people than I can with a hands-on, hourly practice, and it is not location dependent.

How have the faculty helped you on your road to reaching your goals?

Each faculty member is unique in their background and course offering, making this a well-rounded program, from understanding chronic conditions to program design, and taking in the importance of mindfulness and advocacy skills.

What would you say has been the single best learning experience in the program you are in?

The advocacy course was eye-opening in many senses. It caused us to question all our assumptions on issues of gender, body composition, health status and self-compassion. Learning to accept others is only as difficult as being able to accept ourselves, as they say, “warts and all.”

What elements of the program are best preparing you for your career?

Hands down it was the coaching skills and practice. There is an excellent balance of theoretical and practical skills training, with a good amount of practice sessions. The instructor was always a model coach for us.

Would you recommend this program to others and why?

Absolutely, because it is exceptional and rich preparation for the world of wellness coaching and a solid foundation for further study and qualification. There was a delightful amount of enthusiasm and social support that began immediately in the group. Many of us will be staying connected into the future.