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Student Testimonials

Tisa M.: Hands-On Learning is Important

Why did you choose Humber?

I had completed another program previously here at Humber and was very satisfied and happy with the quality and level of education Humber provides.

What are your career aspirations?

I’m hoping I could get a job as pharmacy technician in a hospital setting.

How have the faculty helped you on your road to reaching your goals?

The faculty have been extremely helpful and supportive with all the students in the program.

What would you say has been the single best learning experience in the program you are in?

The labs are extremely important in the program as the students get an idea of the real pharmacy.

What elements of the program are best preparing you for your career?

The labs and the placements out in the community are just the two elements of the program that prepares me for the future. Everything that is taught in class are relevant and eventually ties-in with the lab placement components.

Would you recommend this program to others, and why?

Absolutely! The faculty are very knowledgeable and cares about their students. The program quality is very high.

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