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Student Testimonial

Fernandine A.

Why did you choose Humber?

I chose Humber because I heard that the program was fairly new as compared to other schools. The training labs have electric tables, which is hard to come by with other programs.

What are your career aspirations?

My career aspirations for the program were to work in a multi-disciplinary clinic for the exposure to different conditions. I knew growing my clientele in a busy clinic would be a priority first before starting my own business. Having my own business means that I can manage my massage therapy career to better fit my life. Ultimately, I would like to teach at Humber College as an instructor when the opportunity presents itself with the work experience I have gained.

How have the faculty helped you on your road to reaching your goals?

The faculty are supportive and always willing to help when needed. The registered massage therapists (RMTs) instructors said that we would be colleagues one day after we graduate and complete the registration exams. This made me think we would be equals one day and they will always be our mentors.

I have not reached out to the faculty since completing the program, but I would think they would be helpful in giving constructive advice to starting my own business. They have a lot of experience that I have not tapped into and I know it would be quite helpful later on.

What would you say has been the single best learning experience in the program you are in?

The best learning experience was going to Princess Margaret Hospital and treating patients in palliative care. I learned how to treat cancer patients presenting with swelling/edema in the legs by applying lymphatic drainage techniques. I also learned how to empathize with patients and their loved ones whilst making them feel comfortable in a hospital setting.

What elements of the program are best preparing you for your career?

In no particular order:

  1. How to write proper SOAP notes (Subjective, Objective, Assessment and Plan)
  2. How to properly ask for consent
  3. Draping techniques
  4. How to question the patient to get the answers you need to make a possible clinical diagnosis

Would you recommend this program to others, and why?

I knew that I wanted to help treat people’s aches and pains from musculoskeletal injuries with massage therapy, and Humber College was my first choice. I would recommend the massage therapy program at Humber because graduating students are thoroughly prepared for the College of Massage Therapists of Ontario (CMTO) registration exams. The program is structured with learning the fundamentals early, that is anatomy, physiology, massage theory and techniques, ethics, etc., in the first and second semesters. Students then apply their first-year courses to on-and-off campus internships in the second and third years of the program. I wanted to do the program at Humber because I wanted to take my time getting to know the material, which was overwhelming at moments, but a challenge that I was willing to overcome. In addition, the Registered Massage Therapy instructors were essential in giving us advice on real work experience. It was the most difficult but rewarding program I have ever completed in my life and I respect all the instructors who have helped me along the way to reaching my goals.

Fernandine A.