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Clinical/Field placement is a crucial part of any learning in the School of Health Sciences.

Classroom learning gives you the foundation; clinical/field placements provide the opportunity to apply your learning in a real-world setting with professional supervision by Humber College Faculty, Clinical Teachers, and/or Pregrad Advisors.

Humber's School of Health Sciences offers placements through their extensive partnerships with hospitals, long-term care faculties, child care centers, community and educational agencies, industry groups, and other facilities throughout the greater Toronto and surrounding areas.

Learn by doing and experience first-hand what it means to work in your chosen field.

This is the valuable introduction to your future.


Most clinical/field placements in the School of Health Sciences programs require the following before you begin placement:

          • Medical Requirements - including immunization records and laboratory blood tests
          • Vulnerable Sector Police Record Check
          • Standard First Aid Certificate
          • Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation (CPR) Certificate
          • Respiratory Mask Fit Certificate


Receiving clearance to attend clinical/field placement is obtained from the Office of Experiential Learning, School of Health Sciences, Room K201-A. In order to receive clearance to attend your placement, you must complete all pre-placement medical and non-medical requirements. Once you have completed all requirements, use this online link to book an appointment with a clearance officer for pre-placement clearance.

Should you have any questions regarding the clearance process, please email your inquiry to for clarification. Due to the volume of emails, please allow a 48-hour turnaround time.

Field/Clinical Medical and Non-Medical Requirements by Program

Please note that you must complete steps in the order outlined in the pdf downloads.

ProgramPDF DownloadsPDF DownloadsPDF DownloadsPDF DownloadsPDF DownloadsPDF DownloadsPDF Downloads
Bachelor of Nursing BN First Year Student - Medical Requirement BN First Year Student - Non-Medical Requirement BN Returning Student - Medical Requirement BN Year 2 Student Non-Medical Requirements BN Year 3 & 4 Student Non-Medical Requirements BN Second Entry Student - Medical Requirement BN Second Entry Student - Non-Medical Requirement
Early Childhood Education* ECE & ECAS First Year Student Medical Requirements ECE & ECAS First Year Student Non-Medical Requirements ECE Returning Student Medical Requirements ECE Returning Student Non-Medical Requirements      
Funeral Services Funeral Service Student Medical Requirements Funeral Service Student Non-Medical Requirements          
Occupational Therapist Assistant and Physiotherapist Assistant OTA & PTA First Year Student Medical Requirements OTA & PTA First Year Student Non-Medical Requirements OTA & PTA Returning Student Medical Requirements OTA & PTA Returning Student Non-Medical Requirements      
Pharmacy Technician Pharmacy Technician Student Medical Requirements Pharmacy Technician Student Non-Medical Requirements          
Practical Nursing PN First Year Student Medical Requirements PN First Year Student Non-Medical Requirements PN Returning Student Medical Requirements PN Returning Student Non-Medical Requirements      
Paramedic Paramedic Student            
Personal Support Worker PSW First Year Student Medical Requirements PSW First Year Student Non-Medical Requirements          
Registered Nurses/Registered Practical Nurses RN & RPN CE Student Medical Requirements RN & RPN CE Student Non-Medical Requirements RPN Refresher Student Medical Requirements RPN Refresher Student Non-Medical Requirements      
Guelph-Humber Child Studies Will be available soon

*Attention ECE Students:  
Your field placement begins at the start of First Semester. Please keep this timeline in mind when completing your prerequisites.