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Technology Enabled Learning

Getting Started with your iPad

If you are new to the iPad, you may want to review the following resources:

How to Set Up an Apple ID

When configuring an Apple iPad, you will need to create/enter an Apple ID. An Apple ID is necessary for registering your device, to use Apple services including the App Store, iTunes, iCloud and more. An Apple ID requires an associated email address. Using a address or an Internet based address (like gmail) are options. You can create an Apple ID account on a computer, or directly on an iPad, iPhone or iPod touch. (Click here to link to written guidance)

Joining Humber Wi-Fi

This link (click here) provides information on how to configure your iPad to connect to the HumberSecure network.

Also to assist, this video (click here) shows you how to connect your iPad to any Wi-Fi network (not HumberSecure specifically). 

How to Configure Humber email on the iPad

You have two options to access your Humber email on your iPad:

  • While connected to a wireless network, you can access Humber email via Outlook Web Access (at
  • To access Humber email via the Mail app on the iPad, you will need to get assistance from IT. Download this form (pdf file), print it, sign and deliver the form to IT. IT will then follow up with you with next-steps information. 

Suggested Apps & iTunesU Courses

Adding Apps to your device

Apple apps, like the ones suggested below, are available for free download (unless noted otherwise). They are located under the App Store on your iPad. Tap the App Store icon. As an example, in the search field, type in iTunes U, and search. Tap where is says 'Free' and install the app.

Suggested Apple Apps

  • iBooks - download and read books, PDFs, iBooks textbooks
  • iTunesU - gives you access to the world’s largest online catalog of free education content from leading institutions
  • Podcasts - an easyway to discover, subscribe to, and play your favorite podcasts on your iPad

Suggested Productivity Apps

App Collections on iTunesU

Program-Specific Apps & iTunesU Courses

The easiest way to install these apps or enrol in the iTunesU courses is to browse this page on your iPad and click through the links. The app links will open up the App Store app on your iPad, and the iTunesU course links will open up the iTunesU app.