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IPE Day 2013

by Margot Rykhoff, Year 3 BN Coordinator, Faculty Lead, School of Health Sciences IPE Working Group

Sixth Annual Interprofessional Workshop, Friday, March 8th, 2013

Every spring for the six years, the School of Health Sciences (SHS) at Humber College ITAL has hosted a half-day interprofessional education (IPE) workshop for students from 11 programs in the SHS, School of Hospitality, Recreation and Tourism and School of Social and Community Services who are completing their final year of studies. This workshop immerses students in interprofessional discussions of care using an interactive case study model approach. 

We were joined by President Chris Whitaker who welcomed the students to the event, followed by Dean Jason Powell. The students had an opportunity to listen to an IPE expert, Lynne Sinclair who addressed the students. She emphasized the importance of IPE and collaboration in clinical practice. 
Creative and performing arts students set the stage for the case study by role playing the key players in the problem-based case study that follows. Students from the 11 programs are pre assigned into specific aspects of the case depending on their professional interests. The case presented the health care trajectory of an elderly woman who suffers a traumatic fall in her apartment. The client subsequently requires emergent, acute care, rehabilitation, transition to self-care, and end of life/family centered care. 

Faculty advisors from the IPE Working group are assigned to each of the groups to facilitate the discussions and to lead debriefing sessions at the completion of the workshop. Students are asked to complete a post evaluation which is used to guide future IPE activities. 

Participants are given a ‘Certificate of Participation’ with the completion of the workshop. Online discussions within the pre-assigned groups are also encouraged pre and post workshop.