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Community Partnerships

The School of Health Sciences was founded within Ontario’s community college system. This history has forged a commitment to the community around us in which we live, through service to the community as part of the educational experiences that we provide to our students. We offer a broad range of experiences for Clinical and Field Placements.

  • BACHELOR OF NURSING students receive practical experience through clinical placements at health-related agencies across the Greater Toronto Area (GTA). Clinical experiences are diverse, covering a broad range of settings including community agencies, schools, long-term care facilities, and hospitals.
  • EARLY CHILDHOOD EDUCATION students have field practicums working with families and children of various age groups in licensed child care or preschool settings, Ontario Early Years programs, Parenting and Family Literacy programs, various community programs, hospitals, full-day kindergarten, or home based child care programs.
  • FUNERAL DIRECTOR students are responsible for finding their own work placement with an Ontario funeral home, with the assistance of Humber by working with our industry partners to identify openings.
  • OCCUPATIONAL THERAPIST ASSISTANT & PHSIOTHERAPIST ASSISTANT students will be exposed to leading-edge therapeutic skills, equipment and health-care facilities. This offers the privilege of participating in clinical placements in occupational therapy and physiotherapy at some of the top teaching hospitals in Canada.
  • PARAMEDIC students will obtain experience in both the paramedic services and acute care hospital settings.
  • PERSONAL SUPPORT WORKER students will assist individuals at a long-term care facility and in other settings, learning to recognize the physical and emotional changes of aging and illness, and become familiar with the restorative techniques used to maximize independence.
  • PHARMACY TECHNICIAN students will partake in a placement in a retail/community pharmacy and in a hospital pharmacy setting.
  • PRACTICAL NURSING students will participate in a unique community-service learning placement in a variety of community settings, working in a long-term care setting, rehabilitation, complex or acute-care settings.
  • TRADITIONAL CHINESE MEDICINE PRACTITONER students will have a clinical observation and a clinical practicum that provide students with progressive, professional practice experience in diagnosing, preparing treatment plans, inter-professional collaboration and safe practices.

Our program advisory committees are a structured way to involve local employers and community agencies in curriculum planning. Their input, based on their knowledge of trends and emerging issues is vital to making our courses current and relevant to the practice settings. Through the representatives on these advisory committees, we establish the relationships that support us to offer quality Clinical and Field Placements for our Humber students.