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2 young boys playing in a tree

Humber Child Development Centre is committed to engaging with our community. Monthly newsletters inform families of what the children are doing in the program and also invite families to participate in regular events. Parents and family members are also encouraged to attend workshops, and contribute to the Parent Advisory Group. Staff regularly participate in and present workshops in the community.

National Symposium

May 4 - 5, 2018

Humber College's Early Childhood Education Department is hosting a national symposium "Pushing Boundaries" to celebrate the work that we do with children, families and with students who are preparing to be early childhood educators.

kids facing the water

Monthly Newsletters

Fall 2018

Lots of new outdoor experiences are available now that autumn is here. Leaves are changing colour, and if we step on the fallen ones they sound crunchy. 

pumpkins, corn and basket of red apples

June 2018

It is hot …. Finally and we are loving it! Longer playtimes outside, more games, more gardening, more painting, more bubbles … Yeah!!!!!

cartoon sun

May 2018

Happy May Day! It is glorious outside and since we have waited so long for warm temperatures and sunshine – we love it!

white flowers on a green background