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Unique Features Of Our Program

The Humber Child Development Centre is a unique laboratory school, connected to Humber College’s School of Health Sciences. We are constantly evolving to bring a high quality program to our Centre that reflects the current teaching and learning of the Early Childhood Diploma and Advanced Studies Graduate Certificate programs at Humber College. Our observation areas provide opportunities for faculty, students and families to quietly observe children without impeding the children’s day. We welcome many student-educators to our Centre to complete their practicums. Practicums offer student-educators opportunities to gain experience and fully participate in a high quality, responsive and inclusive setting. Additionally, we have many opportunities for one-on-one interaction through the support of our work study and ration staff.

Our program puts emphasis on the value of outdoor exploration and play as an extension of the indoor program. This engages body, mind and senses for mental health and holistic wellness for children, families and staff. We have a strong commitment to providing children with multiple ways to participate and experience the natural surroundings. This is through our onsite natural playground, weekly class walks to a variety of areas within the Humber Arboretum/Adobigok (Place of the Alders Ojibway) and our Forest Nature Program. All of these experiences naturally foster a broad range of opportunities that encourage exploration, relationship building with the natural environment and each other, establishing a deeper sense of belonging and well-being. These natural environments are safe and provide ample opportunities for increased phsy8ical activity with reasonable risk-taking opportunities for wellrounded development.