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Professional Learning

“When educators engage in continuous learning and questioning, exploring new ideas and adjusting practices, they achieve the best outcomes for children, families and themselves (Intro to HDLH, 2014, p.11).

As educators, we believe that we all learn from each other and that our experiences shape who we are. Although formal professional learning is vital, we also know that the most meaningful professional growth often happens through day-to-day interactions. We seek to actively construct, challenge and expand our own understandings. Adults and children learn from each other to become self-reflective individuals who share their strengths and capabilities.

City Wide Training, in collaboration with Every Child Belongs, offers the opportunity for staff and others to present workshops in the community. Also, one can attend seminars presented by other professionals on a variety of topics related to the field of Early Childhood. In this way, staff may make a commitment to continuous professional learning. The College of Early Childhood Educators requires Registered Early Childhood Educators (RECEs) to engage in this ongoing process of learning in order to stay current and further develop their skills.