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Community Partnerships And Collaboration

Collaboration and community partnerships are key to us being able to enrich and grown in our practice for the whole community. Children are able to develop a greater sense of belonging and connectedness to the world around them. We strive to involve many local community partners as a means to support children, their families and staff. Some of our partnerships include:

  • Every Child Belongs: a collaboration of resourcing agencies with Toronto Children’s Services, to ensure the inclusion of all children who need extra support and early intervention. Out onsite Resource Consultants provide enhanced services to children, families, staff and child care providers.

  • The Centre participates in many events and experiences of Humber College, our active partner in supporting the children, families and staff. Some events include: visits to the library; Pow Wow, Zumba, Remembrance Day ceremony, fitness classes, and interacting with culinary, firefighter and nursing students.

  • Visits from extended family members and college students, staff and faculty.

  • Workshops provided for families and student educators to advocate and support children’s physical and mental well-being.