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Health and Safety Policies

Humber Child Development Centre’s Health and Safety Policy (which includes The Forest and Nature Program) sets out clear statements of intent regarding the approach to the health and safety of its children, staff and visitors to the Centre and the Forest and Nature Program. Provided below is a list of additional points and measures which relate directly to our Forest Nature Program sessions.

  1. A trained FNP practitioner oversees/facilitate Forest and Nature Program sessions.
  2. All adults involved in the FNP session are required to take all reasonable steps to ensure that children are safe.
  3. All adults participating in the FNP must sign and date a form to show that they have read and understood this handbook and the risk assessments appropriate to the session in which they are participating. They must sign and date the form stating that they comply with the general operating procedures of the FNP.
  4. As per health and safety policies, the emergency bag will include a first aid kit, contact information and emergency telephone numbers.
  5. The FNP leader or ECE will always carry the walkie talkie.
  6. The FNP Leader will review the risk assessments before every trip into the Forest Nature Program Site.
  7. When tools are used the adult child ratio will be 1:1.
  8. There is one exception to the above – when using peelers for whittling the ratio can be 1:2.
  9. The trained FNP practitioner is responsible for the maintenance and checking of all tools and equipment to be used in the FNP, prior to their use.
  10. The trained FNP practitioner is responsible in training the children in how to use the tools and equipment safely and appropriately.
  11. The trained FNP practitioner and ECE will be responsible for the pre-visit check of the FNP site prior to a FNP session.