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The Practice of Nursing

Helping Prevent Illness and Saving Lives.

There are many images and public perceptions of Nursing. Some are accurate and valid; some are based on misconceptions. For example, a common and inaccurate perception is that the Nurse's role is primarily to assist physicians and provide care to sick people. In fact, a great deal of Nursing work is directed to preventing illness and keeping people from becoming ill in the first place.

In Ontario the title "Nurse" is protected by law and a person can only use that title if s/he has successfully completed an accredited educational program and has successfully passed the national registration examinations after completion of the program. Humber's programs prepare you for these national exams.

In Ontario, there are two (2) classifications of nurse, the

These are two separate programs. At Humber the program for the RN is the four (4) year Bachelor of Nursing degree program which is offered in collaboration with the University of New Brunswick. The RPN program is a two (2) year diploma offered independently by Humber.

Second Entry Preparation

Taking into account an individual’s prior learning and following the completion of a preparation semester, the Bachelor of Nursing – Second Entry Preparation program allows students to complete the curriculum in two and one-half years.

Admission to the Bachelor of Nursing – Second Entry Preparation program is a two-step process. First students are admitted to a preparatory semester, offered from September to December, consisting of five courses – Introductory Psychology, Introductory Statistics, Human Anatomy, Pathophysiology and Microbiology.

Secondly, students must maintain a grade of at least 74 per cent in each preparatory course in order to be admitted into the Bachelor of Nursing – Second Entry Preparation program. Students who possess all of the preparatory courses at the university level may be admitted directly into the Bachelor of Nursing – Second Entry program. A relevant, well-rounded curriculum focuses on the nurse’s role in community/public health, primary health-care and acute-care settings. All full-time faculty hold a master’s degree or higher.

Humber is proud of its collaboration with the University of New Brunswick – both institutions have long-standing traditions of excellence in nursing education in Canada. The Bachelor of Nursing – Second Entry Preparation program offers students with a minimum GPA of 3.0 in a minimum of 60 credit hours of university courses a pathway into the nursing profession.

Students receive hands-on experience, with a clinical component in every year.