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Student Internship Testimonial

Katelynn Nicholas shares the valuable lessons she's learned throughout her on-campus internship at Humber. 

Being in the last semester at Humber, I have been given so many incredible opportunities within my on-campus internship. I was able to teach a group of individuals who are part of the Healthy Changes program where they learn about various nutrition topics and how to start exercising. I had the pleasure of teaching them how to balance their plates as well as journal a food log, and, of course, do some yummy demos.

When I first found out I had to do a food demo last year I was petrified. It wasn't until Edie Loizou taught me all the techniques and skills on how to pull off an incredible demo that I felt comfortable with these skills. Following that privilege, I was able to construct small demo workshops for the Big Brothers and Big Sisters program, encouraging those to go towards a postsecondary career. This was another fantastic opportunity I take pleasure to be part of.

Although there are all these great opportunities, I learned one thing throughout this experience so far. It’s that in the real world, you are not able to plan for some of the obstacles that come. What you can do it go with the flow and feel supported by colleagues and amazing professors.

I realized as I had different obstacles emerge, how important my professors are and how I would not be able to do any of this without them.