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Clinical Trials and Responsibilities

Clinical Trials

Clinical research involves human studies where products are tested in multiple phases to assess their safety and efficacy. Clinical research is a necessary step (ethical and regulatory) in the development of new therapeutic/diagnostic products. Industry has the responsibility to follow stringent international, federal, and provincial regulations when planning and implementing preclinical and clinical studies; along with the development and manufacturing of medical products.


Clinical Research Professionals are responsible for conducting clinical trials, which includes planning, designing and monitoring clinical experimentation and later, analyzing data to draw conclusions about the treatments.  Furthermore they are responsible for carrying out clinical trials in compliance with Good Clinical Practices, clinical trial protocols, international and local regulations. When working for the industry, interactions with medical personnel (nurses and physicians) and plenty of travelling is a regular part of life for a Clinical Research Professional. When employed by a clinic or hospital the Clinical Researchers are responsible for conducting studies at that facility as well as interacting with sponsoring companies regarding planning and execution of clinical trials.