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What Resources are Available?

Your student fees cover several services at Humber to assist you to be successful in your program. Make use of the services. You are the person who has to make the effort to enhance your success. The professors can make suggestions but you are the one who has to take the required steps.

Most services can be accessed through the Humber website. Specifically, check out the information for current students; below are only some of the direct links:

Health and Counselling Services >

Several services are offered through counselling services. This is just a short list.

  • Academic counselling
  • Crisis intervention
  • Personal counselling
  • Study skills workshops
  • Service referrals

Accessible Learning Services >
Again several services are offered. These are in terms to help students who require reasonable academic accommodation.

The City of Toronto provides helpful information online, and Humber also has a Child Development Centre.

Financial Aid Services > 
Information regarding bursaries, OSAP and possible scholarships.
Also check out Humber's Working on Campus as an income option.

Humber's student hub, detailing services, campus life information and news.

Canadian Nurses Association, Nursing Students > 
BN students have been involved with the CNA nursing student group and will provide information to you.

Peer Tutoring >
This service will assist you with up to two (2) courses that you are having difficulty with. Make use of the services early in the term. If you know you have difficulties with a particular subject area that is in your program, contact Peer Tutoring early in the semester so that the tutor can help you start in the right direction.

Math Centre >
Although complex math is not a program requirement, there are aspects of Nursing that require math calculations. Fractional doses of medication, dosage according to weight, and intravenous flow rates are some examples. The Math Centre will provide quizzes and assistance to master the calculation of these doses. Make use of their services if you need them.

Writing Centre >
The Writing Centre will not write your paper, but they will provide resources to assist you in editing your paper yourself. They will give you general feedback and point you to areas you need to work on to improve your writing skills.

APA Format Assistance

APA guides are available at Humber and UNB. If you are having difficulties with a specific course, approach the professor and share your concerns and worries. The professor may not necessarily be able to eliminate the problem, but s/he can offer suggestions and possible sources to go to for assistance.

Remember that you do have a program co-ordinator. Make sure that you know his / her name, office, and e-mail address in case you need to connect with them to clarify questions about your program.