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What Can I Expect?

What can you expect in the Humber programs that are exciting and interesting?

You will be part of a very culturally diverse student population. This will support you to increase your awareness of your own culture and the positive aspects of the other cultures. If you are concerned that "nobody will understand you" you will probably find that you will meet others who may share these worries and you can support each other.

There are approximately 40 students per theory section and 8-10 students per clinical group. Within those groups you will develop support systems, networks, and friends to help you.

You will have professors who are extremely well prepared academically and professionally. All nursing professors are registered nurses who have worked in the hospital / community settings before they became professors. In the clinical / practice settings you will have these same nursing teachers and nurses who are currently working in the agencies to teach you. The professors in your non-nursing courses (biology and humanities) are also well-educated and experienced in teaching students.

The goal of all the professors is to help you succeed in the program; however your success is a shared responsibility and you must do your part by attending classes and clinical, completing assignments on time, and studying for examinations.

The program includes many hours of clinical / field practice where you will have the opportunity to practice your newfound skills and knowledge with supervision. It is paced to match the level of knowledge you have gained from the theory courses. While your personal goal might be to work in specialty area, such as Emergency or Public Health, you will not start off there. Clinical experiences are diverse and cover a broad range of settings such as community agencies, schools, long term care and hospitals. Humber has relationships with more than 100 agencies and makes every effort to give you the best possible experience in all the areas you could potentially work in after you have graduated.