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Humber's Early Childhood Education Department
Hosts the National Symposium


Humber was very excited to host a National Early Childhood Education Lab School Conference in May 4 & 5, 2018.

With 100 participants, we heard from Brenda Smith-Chant and Karyn Callaghan, who both spoke to the responsibility of Lab Schools to Push Boundaries and try new ways of thinking. Participants visited the Humber Child Development Centre Lab School, the Humber Early Childhood Student Resource Centre and our Forest Nature Program situated along the beautiful Humber River.

Eight different programs presented work they have been doing with children, families and colleagues. During the afternoon, participates chose a topic to contribute to an indepth discussion.

kid laying on log

"Pushing Boundaries"

We discussed:

  • How we are including Nature in Curriculum,
  • Being Leaders of Inclusion in Child Care and Early Learning programs,
  • Pushing the Boundaries of Current Quality Assessment Tools,
  • Supporting Research in Early Childhood Lab Schools and developing the relationships between faculty and front line educators in our programs
  • Staying Financially Viable.

Each group had representation from across Canada and this made for a rich and
diverse discussion. We were able to learn so much from and about each other. During the summary of each group it became clear that each of us wanted this relationship of meeting together to happen regularly. I am happy to announce that Humber College faculty has taken up the torch to work with other programs from across Canada to keep the conversations going. Watch your emails for invitations to join in. Contact for more information.