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Student International Placements

Program Goals

Since 2017, Humber’s Early Childhood Education Department has partnered with University College Lillebaelt (UCL) to provide experiential learning for students from both institutions. In addition to  a focus on social inclusion and pedagogy, UCL has a long tradition of incorporating nature into  pedagogical practices. Many early learning settings in and around Odense have nature embedded into the curriculum.

The goals of the partnership are to:

  • Identify synergies with the intent to grow mobility programs
  • Develop placement opportunities for UCL students that showcase Canadian early care, development, responsive and inclusive programming
  • Provide options for Humber students to enroll in the Global Citizenship Certificate Program
  • Provide Humber students with International forest nature program placements
  • Create opportunities to develop alternative learning models and delivery methods
  • Develop applied research collaborations, possibly to:
    • Explore nature and eco pedagogy, forest and nature school movements, and environmental stewardship
    • Evaluate the impact of different play settings (traditional playgrounds, natural playgrounds and natural forest and nature based settings) on young children’s physical activity, play interactions and safety

University College Lillebaelt

Partnership with University College Lillebaelt

5-Week Placement

Since 2017, students in Humber’s Early Childhood Education Diploma Program have the opportunity to complete a 5-week field placement in Odense, Denmark, with one of our partner institutions, University College Lillebaelt. The experience (mid-May to mid-June) includes field placement, class visits, and a rustic camping trip, and provides students with the mandatory 25 days of field practicum for their winter or summer semester. Students also complete the Global Citizenship Certificate by the end of their placement.

The field placements are with local Forest Schools, a part of Denmark’s history since the 1950s.

Ranjit Saini - Graduate

See one of our graduates, Ranjit Saini in the local Odense news during her 4th semester placement >

Student reflections on placement:

"Their uses of the forest and natural playground will be extremely transferable to the schools I will be working with in my future." – Debbie

"I would love the opportunity to do another placement abroad and would jump at the opportunity to return back to Denmark to complete a placement. This experience has also sparked an interest in learning more about outdoor education around the world and looking into furthering my studies in this area abroad." – Rebecca

"I learned so much about what can be explored within the outdoor environment, such as methods of enhancing empathy and risk-taking play among children." – Pearl

Students standing on beach in Denmark

child playing outside with sticks

children playing on climbing rope outside