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Hear from our students and faculty about their experiences with the Centre for Healthy Living's Healthy Changes Lifestyle Program.


Watch the video to hear a Humber faculty member offer an intimate look at the Healthy Changes Lifestyle program in the Humber Centre for Healthy Living.

Sarah Peak

Watch the video to learn about Sarah Peak's experience with using the Centre for Healthy Living's Personal Training Program.

Guillermo Acosta

Watch the video to learn about Guillermo Acosta's experience with the Healthy Changes Lifestyle Program.

"I have tried various diets, but they never taught me how to change my lifestyle. I am learning how to be smarter when I grocery shop and to prepare healthier meals for my family."

-Kelly A. on the Healthy Changes Lifestyle Program

"I know from a lifetime of yo-yo dieting that only focusing on calories or workouts does not work. I am learning a lot about my body and trust the science of weight loss that we are learning."

-Chandra H.

"I was intrigued by this unique multi-disciplined approach to healthy living. I am much more aware of what behaviours could be modified and am confident that I will adopt better habits."

-Michael M.

"I have gained knowledge that I didn’t have before and a better understanding of how to create nutritious meals. All of the instructors are very knowledgeable, understanding and supportive."

-Anita A.

"The program combines strategies for self-awareness with nutritional content and a physical fitness routine. I am developing skills to be able to sustain and continue on my own."

-Dia G.