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Humber's Biotechnology program is an unparalleled learning experience, both theoretically and hands-on. The program is strategically designed, developed, and delivered with one mission in mind; to develop graduates that are confident and ready to integrate into the field related workforce.

The eight hours per week in laboratory is the key difference allowing for hands-on learning, reinforcing and mastering skills.

student using the lab software

The Program

Leading in innovative, guided, student-centred learning, the biotechnology program uses a mapped curriculum that is delivered through a combination of multimodal lectures and laboratory sessions. Course material is delivered and assessed through several modes to ensure competency. Simulations, case studies, and projects are commonly used to mimic real work experiences. Student learning is greatly enhanced with hands-on laboratory; more than 40% of student contact hours is dedicated to laboratory sessions by providing 8 hours of lab per week. The mission of this program is to develop competent and work-ready graduates.

bio lab

One-of-a-kind Laboratory

Humber’s Biotechnology lab is equipped with equipment fundamental to this field. It also houses advanced equipment used in many industries arming graduates with skill to operate these instruments. Leading in innovative learning, our laboratory exercises are designed strategically to follow theoretical learning; allowing the translation of theory to practice. Humber’s Biotechnology Laboratory is exclusive to Biotechnology program and its students. To name a few, the biotechnology lab is equipped with: digital microscopes, PCR machines, centrifuges, advanced imaging systems, HPLC, NMR, biological and chemical hoods, analytical scales, rotary evaporators, bacterial growth systems, BioPlex, 3D-Bioprinter, XFe24 analyzer.

student standing in front of computer board

Experienced Faculty

All faculty members in the biotechnology program have completed doctoral studies and have significant research experience. All courses and laboratories are taught by professors; teaching assistants are not used for content delivery in this program. Faculty use a multimodal approach in delivering course and laboratory materials. Program faculty and staff have one goal in mind and that is to strive for student success.


For more information on the Biotechnology Lab or program, please contact:
Michael Lavallee,
Program Co-ordinator
416.675.6622 ext. 5301