Program Overview

Our Program

Students worldwide come to Humber to attend our program, which covers all aspects of funeral home operation as well as the practical and theoretical sides of funeral service. You will build upon your excellent communications skills through behavioural science courses. A business management course helps students understand the challenges of operating a business. Students accumulate the necessary practical experience through a combination of lab work at Humber's Funeral Services Lab and one-year internships with co-operating funeral homes in Ontario.


Optional Non-embalming Diploma

Ontario laws provide for individuals whose religious or ethnic beliefs do not include embalming as part of funeral services to obtain a special non-embalming licence. Likewise, Humber will offer a non-embalming diploma to students who successfully complete their studies in a customized program. Admission requirements are identical, and once enrolled students should contact the program co-ordinator to establish that they need to take the non-embalming program.

Field/Clinical Placement

The provincial regulator, the Ontario Board of Funeral Services (BoFS), requires students to complete a one-year internship before they can be licensed. To progress into semester three, therefore, students must start a full-time (paid) internship in a funeral home after they have successfully completed exams in semester two. In September, students begin year two of studies by distance, with many assignments based on the practical experience they are gaining in the funeral home. Students must secure their own placement.

The Right Fit

You care deeply for others and always have. You genuinely want to help and your sensitive nature, ability to communicate, relate and bond with people makes you the perfect person to help. These unique qualities could also make you a successful funeral director.

Student Testimonial

The program not only prepares you for a career in funeral services, but it has helped to make me a more rounded person.” - Lindsay J.

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We Know What it Takes

Humber is a leading-edge facility in every respect. Teachers are licensed funeral directors with specializations in different capacities. They periodically work in the field and regularly attend professional association meetings ensuring material is current, relevant and covers all angles.

More For You at Humber

You will spend the entire second year interning at an actual funeral home. All course work is completed via correspondence during this internship. It’s a unique and integral offering of this program and will provide you with the real life skills necessary for success in funeral services.

In class, you will work together in small groups allowing for solid friendships to form, as these future relationships are necessary for success in the funeral industry - establishing bonds and quickly is key to providing support for a grieving family.

Once licensed, graduates are eligible to work in any of Ontario's 564 funeral homes and find easy transfer toward licensing in other provinces.

Professional and Community Partnerships

Industry partners make this program a success. Our partnership with the BoFS allows students to complete of their education while performing an internship. As a result, many of Ontario's funeral homes are also partners in ensuring students receive relevant practical experience as part of their education.

They also assist in the selection process of students for this program. One of the admissions requirements is previous observation or work in a funeral home. Funeral directors who supervise this experience provide evaluation of a candidate's suitability.

In the Industry

Your Career

Humber offers the only English-speaking Funeral Service Education program in Ontario. A funeral service has an important therapeutic function for the living. If you are a compassionate, tolerant person with a strong desire to help people of all socio-cultural backgrounds, you will have a fulfilling career in this field. Graduates are prepared for ownership and management opportunities.

Keeping Your Options Open

As a graduate, you will work in a funeral home and generally take on all roles. However, in a larger funeral home you might focus more on one specific area such as embalming or funeral arrangements. Once licensed, you are eligible to work in any Ontario funeral home and find easy transfer toward licensing in other provinces. On average, employment rates for graduates hover around 93 per cent.


Field/Clinical Placement Requirements

This program involves direct contact with vulnerable persons, so students must fulfill specific requirements that include a


Associated Living and Simulated Learning Environments

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